My name is Eva. This is my first time in New Zealand. I looked forward to my new life in New Zealand, though I felt uneasy about everything.
I am staying with a host family in Birkenhead. Before I came to Auckland I thought that if I wanted to go to the supermarket I would have to drive for a long time. In fact, Auckland is a convenient city. There is a shopping mall close to my home-stay.
My host family is very warm and friendly. They are good at cooking. Our dinner is always on time even though they are sometimes very busy with their work. They are kind and responsible. My host brother had his 21st birthday party. It was the first time I went to a birthday party in New Zealand. Before that I prepared a birthday present with my friends. It was a special experience for me.
In our free time we arrange roses in a vase, talk about women’s favourite – LV in shopping web-site. I enjoy my new life in New Zealand.

Eva is a Lower-Intermediate student at Languages International