The two upper business classes recently visited the Small Business Expo in Auckland. This was a practical field trip which allowed learners to apply the English they have learned to real-life situations. They met and interacted with a number of New Zealand business people and were able to ask questions about business practices here in New Zealand. Students attended a number of useful seminars focussed on how to build a business and the keys to success.

Here are the comments from some of those who attended:

I personally feel that going to the small business expo was great practice. We had the opportunity to experience a real business experience where everyone was networking and sharing ideas and experiences. Overall from starting a new business to improving your current one, there were a variety of options suiting any needs you may have.” Cinthia Fujimoto – Brazil

I discovered that the Expo covers almost all the possible needs of a small business. The Expo is not only a useful event for growing businesses, but it is an exciting show as well.” Violena Kharlamova – Russia

The business Expo was quite interesting because this was a good opportunity to learn about lots of Kiwi companies and how they work.” Oh Seung Kyun – Korea