Andy Hartmann from Swiss radio station Radio Grischa is currently studying at Languages International Auckland in New Zealand. Andy has been reporting back to Radio Grischa on his time at Languages International and his travels around New Zealand. If you understand German, you can hear about Andy’s visit to New Zealand on the Radio Grischa website. For the rest of us, Andy has has written a little bit about his experience of Languages International:

I’m Andy Hartmann from Switzerland, and I’m studying at Languages International in Auckland. I’ll tell you a little bit about the school and my study. Languages International has four buildings very close to the city, but around the buildings is a beautiful park. Inside the buildings are a student café, learning center and some computers that you can use for emailing. The learning center is a very good place to improve your English. There are always teachers there, a library, some DVDs, computers etc. You can spend a lot of time there, if you like.

The school has a great Social Programme, so everyday there are fun and interesting activities for the students to do. For example, we go up the Skytower, visit pubs, play soccer or go to the beach together. Of course, it’s great to be able to meet people from other countries.

Languages International is the second English school I have been to, so I can say Languages International has a perfect school system, helpful and friendly teachers and the school is in a lovely place in Auckland. Of course, here are a lot of Swiss students, but the school has mixed classes, which is good. For example, in my class are only two more Swiss students.

Photos: Andy enjoying New Zealand