My name is Denise Chopard and I’m from Switzerland. Now my three months at Languages International are over and I’ve a lot to tell. The main reason I studied English here is the great landscape, the nature and it’s also really close to Asia. Actually, the real reason is, I’m a traveller and this language is important.

For my stay here I’ve chosen a host family. It was a good opportunity for practicing English and you also have the chance to learn something about the culture from citizens.

Now I know, it has been a good idea. I’m staying with a really nice, funny and friendly family. We have a lot of fun and interesting conversations. You can talk about God and the world. Another advantage is a host family house feels a little bit like home. You don’t have to stay alone and you can have a social life as well.

Of course it’s not as independent as a flat, but there are a lot of comfortable things.
I’ve my own bedroom, the food is always delicious. The best thing is they found out what my favourite food was and then they cooked it especially for me on an extra big plate.

If you would like to live in an interesting place and discover Auckland, your homestay family can help you do such things.

Come, and enjoy yourself! It’s a great chance!