Darren has been with Languages International since 1993 when he was employed as a graduate teacher with experience in Australia, Europe and the Middle East.

His achievements during the last twelve years with the school include:
-Qualifications: DELTA and MA in Applied Linguistics completed; MBA in progress
-Positions: Teacher Trainer, Manager of EAP programmes and DOS: currently Academic Director
-Publications: numerous conference presentations; co-author of Oxford University Press’ On Course for IELTS
– Professional associations: Darren has contributed considerably to academic development work in both ENGLISH NEW ZEALAND (formerly FIELSNZ) and APPEL.
– Marketing experience: two years with Languages International’s Marketing Committee, initially marketing South-East Asia; currently responsible for marketing in the Middle East.

We are very proud that one of our long-term employees was the successful candidate for this key New Zealand ELT position. But perhaps it’s not surprising that an individual who has contributed tirelessly to the success of the company for over a decade should become its leader.

Chris and Frances Woolcott.