We’re proud and excited to announce that Languages International is one of the first educational institutions in New Zealand, and the first English language school in the world, to become certified carbon neutral. That means we are…

  • trying to reduce the amount of energy we use and the waste we create;
  • re-using materials (like photocopy paper) when we can;
  • collecting as much of our rubbish as we can to be recycled; and
  • measuring the energy we use in the operation of our schools – such as electricity and gas, and the air miles in our business travel – and then offsetting the carbon emissions from this energy use with carbon credits from Offset the Rest.

We can also give our students the chance to offset the carbon emissions from their travel to and from New Zealand by calculating how much it would cost them to buy carbon credits from Offset the Rest. If you would like to find out more about this, please talk to any Languages International staff member or e-mail