Growing up in Cheboksary, the crossroads of the Western Russia, and having completed my degree in Engineering in Moscow made me learn a lot about being independent and facing new challenges in life. After graduating form MGSU I knew I wanted even bigger challenge. So I decided to continue my education in a western country, as I wanted an international career later on in life. My first thought was of a university degree in the USA, however, New Zealand sounded as much as exciting And so I arrived in Auckland to study English at Languages International. This school offers a diverse set of courses, from General English up to English for University, IELTS preparation and Business English. In June 2007 I have completed my English course here and passed the IELTS exam with the result 7.0 which was exactly what I needed for my further studies! Not only have I improved my English while being in this school but also my horizon has been expanded because I was exposed to cultures from all around the world.

I believe the experience and knowledge gained at Languages International will go a long way in shaping me for my future. I am now a student of Master of Engineering Studies at the University of Auckland, working hard on my course assignments and hoping to win a tender on my first construction project. I would like to pursue a career as a Construction Manager for a New Zealand company.

I guess the States will have to wait!