Hello everyone! My name is Anastasia. I am from Moscow.

Just three days left and I will complete my education at my wonderful and lovely school Languages International. Frankly speaking, these five months have been absolutely unforgettable. I have experienced a lot of new emotions, met hundreds of new people, enhanced my English skills and got to know myself better.

Now my heart is filled with thankfulness. I am thankful to all people who helped me make my dreams come true and also to my teachers Jeremy and Simon. They are just the most amazing people I have ever met.

The main goal for me in New Zealand has been to gain entry to university. To be prepared for that (because of the huge difference between the education systems in Russia and New Zealand) I decided to study a course “English for University”. With Jeremy I learned how to be successful in writing assignments and I have significantly improved all of my English skills. Thanks Jeremy!

Moreover, the pathway after completing this course gave me an opportunity to receive not one, but two offers of place from NZ universities, without needing to do IELTS exam.

Now I am finishing another course – “English for Business” with Simon. I have definitely been enjoying being part of Simon’s class. He is so knowledgeable and teaches us dozens of new useful and interesting words and expressions each day. Furthermore, I cannot remember a day when I was looking at my watch during the class in the hope that it was nearly over… NEVER. Thanks, Simon!

Anyway, from the beginning of March I will continue my education and stay in New Zealand. I will be part of the huge AUT student community. Many thanks, Languages International! Good luck everyone!