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Our student, Vlad, from Russia writes about his student experience at Languages International:

Languages International is a school where you can find not only really interesting teachers, but also a wonderful environment because it is located beside Albert Park in the city centre of Auckland. What was so captivating for me was that the beautiful old buildings were surrounded by tremendous trees and palms. When you have lessons in such an environment, it can produce faster results in acquiring the skill of natural conversation with classmates, especially when students go outside for some lessons.

The school teachers create many types of lessons depending on the particular course and the level of the students. Some teachers prefer a more individual approach correcting the mistakes of every student, other teachers work with students on their grammar and fluency.

If you want to pass international exams such as IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge, you just can choose a particular course for exam preparation. Also, the school provides courses which focus on academic and business English, and it is a great opportunity for students who decide to continue their further education in English speaking universities.

Based on my experience, English for University is the best choice for good academic results and there are many reasons why. First and foremost, the teachers of this course create really engaging lessons and help you develop your critical thinking. The student’s book for this course supports lessons ideally and at the same time provides numerous thought-provoking questions and profound knowledge in some particular subjects. Some students are afraid that there will be a lot of homework, but only the writing of such assignments can improve your academic language ability. One of the most important things is that all students at Languages International can have individual conversations with a teacher in the Learning Centre to get advice about mistakes they are making and how to improve the style of their essays – it is really a great opportunity!

Languages International provides not only good education, but also the opportunity to make friends from different countries. There are many smart, interesting students with different cultural backgrounds with him you can build good, long-lasting friendships.

I tend to assume that Languages International is the best school in Auckland.

Vladislav Kholostiakov

Vlad studied English at Languages International in Auckland, New Zealand.