From 5 November 2018, Languages International will be offering IELTS academic writing evening lessons for people aiming for a high IELTS score (7.0 or 7.5) for further study or professional registration and who want to focus exclusively on the Writing Sub-Test.

This evening course focuses on accuracy of grammar and vocabulary as well as building your coherence and cohesion with writing. It includes weekly timed writing practice with individualised written feedback. As an IELTS Academic Writing Evening Class student, you will also have access to our plentiful Learning Centre resources from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday. You can see detailed course information and prices here: IELTS Academic Writing Evening Class.

So, if you think you might already have a writing level of around IELTS 6.0 or more and you need to improve your writing to get a higher score, take a look at our IELTS Academic Writing evening course. You can enrol directly from the course page and you can check your English level with our pre-test.

If you have any questions, we are always happy to help. Leave a comment below, email us at, call us on +64 (09) 3090615 or come in and visit us at 27 Princes Street in Auckland, New Zealand.

This is what our students say about the IELTS preparation they received at Languages International:

“After studying in LI for three months, my writing reached 8.0! I recommend Languages International no matter whether you aim to improve your English or achieve a certain score in an exam. You will find your time and money investment is extraordinarily worthwhile.” – Janet, China

“My teacher of IELTS preparation class, Simon, is one of the main people thanks to whom I passed that IELTS exam with 7.0. The school creates every condition for us to learn the language by yourself outside the class as well. Learning Centre, the place for individual study, has a huge range of facilities from computers with free Internet to TV sets with DVD-players and tape recorders. There you can find not only all necessary exercises and information for students who want to sit IELTS, but also a lot of English books (from fiction literature by famous authors to textbooks in Geography and Microeconomics), useful computer programs, tapes or even movies. All of that have only one purpose – to help you learn English well. I also went to Learning Centre to work on my essay writing. There was always a teacher who could check your work, explain your mistakes and give some advice.” – Innokenty, Russia

“The IELTS preparation course at LI was great and during these weeks I learnt all about the exam with useful tips and advice that helped me to achieve a score which was beyond all my expectations! Furthermore, the teacher was very supportive, enthusiastic and the class was always full of humour and drive.” – Mel, Switzerland

“The IELTS Preparation Course at Languages International was great. The teachers of the course were very professional, supportive, enthusiastic, and dedicated. Moreover, the resources that are provided by the school in the Learning Centre were the latest and the best; therefore those were exceedingly valuable, especially when I studied alone after the course finished. Fortunately, I got the IELTS score I needed the first time I sat the IELTS exam, which would have been impossible without the teachers and support of Languages International.” – Eunmi, Korea

“With LI it’s easy to pass IELTS or any other exams. They give you all possible support. The only thing you have to do is to absorb the knowledge this school gives you and enjoy your study.
IELTS especially is not as scary as we think about it, the main point is practice. The more you practice IELTS test examples the more confident and relaxed you will feel at the real exam. And the most important thing – don’t be lazy to write as many essays as you can and have them checked by the teachers, lol.” – Masha, Russia

I am proud to say I have made the right decision by choosing Languages International. Because not only did I achieve band 8.0 from IELTS, I believe, I have made lifelong friends in this school.
I sincerely appreciate the hard work and friendly attitude of all teachers and the staff of this school. I would especially thank Simon F, without whose continuous support and confidence in me, I can honestly say that I might never have gotten such a fabulous result.” – IELTS student, Turkey

“I only have GREAT memories from this experience with you and want to thank you and my teachers for the work you do every day. The two courses (IELTS + English for University Higher) really helped me to enter my English business school with more confidence. “ – Hianui, Tahiti

“I can think of a number of factors that made my IELTS course so effective. When a teacher shares her knowledge with us I always follow her instructions. Moreover, I use what I have learnt not only in class, but at home and in the learning centre, where there is a huge amount of books and audio-materials for IELTS. “ – Tatiana, Russia

“My course at L.I. helped me get the score I needed for my IELTS. Tom is a very competent and professional teacher, and when it came to the IELTS exam, he trained and prepared us for it fully, leaving nothing aside.” – Jennifer, Tahiti

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