Starting on 19th March 2018, Languages International is running twelve-week, intensive Cambridge FCE, CAE and CPE courses at our school in Auckland, New Zealand.

Languages International’s Cambridge exam preparation classes are great for improving your everyday communication in English, and the Cambridge English tests are internationally recognised. Languages International is one of few schools around that can provide separate Cambridge exam classes at First Certificate in English (FCE), Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) and Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) levels. Our teachers have lots of experience and our classes are small.

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Here’s what our Cambridge exam students say about our Cambridge test preparation courses:

“For 12 weeks we worked hard, with funny moments – fake birthdays, warm ups, the Pub Quiz, trips around New Zealand – in between all our studies. Our teachers, May, Peter and Lara were helpful, supportive, and always gave us new challenges, helping us improve our English, and the Cambridge classes were the exact challenge I needed to boost my studies.”
Natália, Brazil, Cambridge CAE exam preparation course (Read more from Natália…)

“In the CPE class I took, I had great fun and learned lots. The teachers are marvellous and do their very best to engage with you to keep you motivated and focused throughout the entire course. I loved each and every class and was surprised by my progress having only had 3 months of language course. I strongly recommend you come to Languages International. I loved my experience and made a ton of progress. The school staff will push you above and beyond what you think you’re able to do in English.”
Maxence, French, Cambridge CPE exam preparation course (Read more from Maxence…)

“My FCE class was composed of nine students and two teachers who were always organized for the lesson. Therefore, we spent a meaningful time. I highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to study English because all of the teachers have ambitious hopes for their students, thus, the quality of the class is really high.”
Ayami, Japan, Cambridge FCE exam preparation course (Read more from Ayami…)

“The teachers at Languages International are professional, supportive and friendly. It is no exaggeration to say that I could finish all my studies, courtesy of the teachers at Languages International. They motivate, encourage, and teach students with passion, devotion and professionalism. The IELTS and Cambridge FCE courses were a great help to my studies at university.”
Eunmi, Korea, Cambridge FCE exam preparation course (Read more from Eumi…)

“The lessons at Languages International are not to compare to the ones I was used to in my High School and I say this in an only positive way. Being able to combine fun, such as celebrating “fake birthday parties” and playing games, with serious work, like writing essays and training grammar, is a real challenge, that only few teachers I knew from my previous school life were able to achieve. My teachers at Languages International, May Ann, Peter and Lara, all mastered the challenge with pride and created with that a more than just pleasurable stay for all of the CAE class.”
– Tanja, Switzerland, Cambridge CAE exam preparation course

“I would highly recommend this language school to anyone who is interested in new languages, new cultures and new people. Auckland is a perfect place to study abroad with many travel adventures. This experience is one of the most memorable times in my life.”
Tina, Switzerland, Cambridge English exam preparation course

“Your classmates are from different countries and that makes the lessons interesting because you learn new cultural habits. These people will become your friends and together you will organise a few adventures. Finally, this school provides the opportunity to use a learning centre. There is always a teacher there who will help you, if you have any questions.”
Lara, Switzerland, Cambridge English FCE exam preparation course

“I especially want to mention our Learning Centre. It is the biggest facility in our school and it combines a library, computer rooms, a quiet study room and a multi-functional self-study area. Our teachers take turns here to help students to fix their problems. More to the point is there are lots of books that can be used for any requirement of studying. If someone wants to learn English in Auckland, I strongly recommend studying at Languages International. Not only does it have a friendly atmosphere but it also has high quality teaching. For me, my English level has improved from low-intermediate to upper after three months study. It encourages me to keep on going.”
Vincent, China, Cambridge English FCE test preparation course

“I’ve learned many things that I’m sure I couldn’t have learned in Switzerland. Everyone teaches me in a better way how to talk and write and they also create more self-confidence in me and because of this I can speak more easily. I would recommend this school to everybody who wants improve their speaking and grammar because the teacher are very skillful and helpful with everything.”
Matthieu, Switzerland, Cambridge FCE exam preparation course

“The first thing that comes to my mind if someone asks me where to study English, is to do the Certificate of Cambridge at Languages International located in Auckland. By doing this, you can improve your English skills and also a certificate can help you to find a job more easily. The quality of teaching is awesome, the teacher are very professional and if you have questions which you need some help with, you just have to ask them to have feedback and work on your weaknesses.”
Tehei, France, Cambridge FCE exam preparation course

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