Student: Lim Hee Ji

From: Korea

Accommodation: homestay family

Well-being (homestay) mother…

Today, I would like to talk about my homestay family. Because I’m always thankful for them. I live together with homestay mother and father. Oh, I forget my cats in the garden. They are also my homestay family. My homestay mother is Italian. She is beautiful and very generous. Sometimes, she leaves the food as to take it at lunch time. And she is a fantastic cook. Yesterday, she made spinach spaghetti. The difference is she even hand-makes the pasta from scratch. Everyday, she buys the fresh ingredients. She must be well known “Well-being mother.” My homestay father is Kiwi. He is quiet but always leads the talk during dinner. He gives a lot of good advice. They are giving big support as to focus on the study. So, frankly speaking, I do not help much around the house.

We are still seeking one more student. I can guarantee you will be happy in our homestay. Please find me if you want a warm and generous family in New Zealand.

Photo: svacher