Written by: Patrizia, a student at Languages International

Ahipara Bay, Northland, NZ
Ahipara Bay, Northland, New Zealand

I’ve been studying here [at Languages International] for two months and I’m really enjoying my time. I’ve already gone through many experiences and it’s actually the best time of my life.

Last weekend, I drove up towards Northland. Those four days were amazing, especially because New Zealand’s nature is completely impressing. You have to check out my photos which I uploaded on Facebook.

I’ve also visited many spots in and around Auckland. I really like it because the natural world is on your doorstep but you actually live in a metropolis and this combination is so awesome!
I feel a bit blue that my time here is soon going to be over. In about four weeks I’m going to fly to the South Island to tour around and afterwards I’ll be almost on my way back home.

This article was taken from the magazine that our teacher, May Anne’s FCE class created.  To read more, download the magazine: pdf Martina’s FCE Class Magazine (22.4MB) 

Photo credit: Ahipara Bay, Northland, NZ by Cheryl Harvey