Written by: Felix, an FCE student at Languages International

Languages International Homestay Family Christchurch New Zealand

One of the biggest questions for any person going to another country to learn a language is “Shall I go to a homestay family or into a flat?” There is only one key to solving this problem. It depends on the character of each person.

There are some people who want to be more independent. They will cook for themselves, search the way to go somewhere. Furthermore, these people would like to plan and manage their day. 

On the other hand, there are people who will find it useful to speak with their homestay family and try to improve their English in this way. These people do not have to find out about anything by themselves, they can ask their homestay family.

My opinion is that both situations have their drawbacks. For example, a host family may not show any interest in their student or the flat members could be very bizarre. In both situations, the student might have to change his place, though they spend energy in transferring. As a result, each situation has its own solution.

This article was taken from the magazine that our teacher, May Anne’s FCE class created.