Written by: an FCE student at Languages International

Albert Park, Auckland

Let’s go and grab some lunch! Certainly you all know that feeling: you put all your effort in your English studies but at the end of the morning class all you can think about is FOOD!!!

A nice place to satisfy your appetite is the Uni food court, nearby our school. Thanks to a wide variety of international food, everybody can easily find their favourite dishes. Although the quality is not good value for money, it’s the easiest way to get something warm quickly.

If you don’t mind spending a bit more for lunch, you could go to a restaurant in the city centre. Because of Auckland multiculturalism, you can enjoy a piece of Asian culture and taste Indian cuisine, try some Sushi or spicy Chinese delights.  

There are also heaps of well-known sandwich stores, like Subway. You can choose any fillings you want, even the kind of bread. Be creative by making your own special sub!

That way, you can not only stay healthy, but also have a nice picnic in the stunning sunshine on the grass of fabulous Albert Park!!!

This article was taken from the magazine that our teacher, May Anne’s FCE class created.  To read more, download the magazine: pdf Martina’s FCE Class Magazine (22.4MB)