Patrizia is a 20 years old Swiss student who is going to take the CAE exams in the middle of March. She has joined our class with 3 weeks delaying as she had to take a per-curse for her further education as a primary school teacher which takes 3 years.

Due to she joined us just a bit more than one week now I haven’t had really time to know her very well but we had a few talks in which I found out that she is a talented soccer player. Consequently Patrizia has been playing for about seven years and now her team is in the third highest championship in Switzerland.

Moreover she told me that after her four years economy High school she had been working for an organisation which provide sport activities for teenagers called “I U S” which translated in English means youth and sports.

Patrizia gives me the impression to be a really outgoing as well as active person as she nether had problem in finding new friends at school nor she miss an occasion to join us in “after school activities” such as weekend trips or pub crawl.

By Adi, a CAE student at Languages International Christchurch

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