I hadn’t been skiing before I came to New Zealand, so I would like to like to write about my first time went skiing in New Zealand two months ago.

I was looking forward to skiing for a long time so I really hoped the weather during the trip was nice. It was a wonderful day when we set off for Turoa at three pm. When I sat on travel bus , I was imagining the snow was so beautiful and how exciting for skiing.

It was a long way from Auckland to Turoa that took us about six hours, then we arrived in the backpacker around ten pm, but I didn’t mind it because I was just waiting eight more hours on the bed the I could see beautiful snow and go to skiing, I couldn’t sleep well all night.

In the morning of next day, we got up very early. We saw absolutely excellent snow mountain when our bus was going to ski place. It was completely amazing snow mountain, I loved it so much. We bought beginner class of ski so we were studying skiing about two hours. After that, our teacher told us, we could ski by ourselves. It was snowing when I was skiing and heavy snowing more and more until I couldn’t see anything, so I tried to go back the restaurant to find friends and keep warm but it was very difficult walking in heavy snow.

Finally, we stayed at the restaurant and ambulance corps told us, we meet a very strong snowstorm so we have to stay here and wait snow bus to pick us up down the mountain. We were hungry and worrying in the restaurant. After ten minutes, ambulance corps told us, we could eat chips and coffee for free, and then we were eating a lot of chips and drinking coffee until ten pm.

It sounded really terrible for my first ski, but I was grateful to ambulance corps because when we were going to snow bus from restaurant, there were 50 people who hands by hands to protect us in heavy snowstorm.

They are my heroes!!!

Story contributed by Chun Yi Lu, a student at Languages International Auckland