Last night, the Saudi students of Languages International prepared a magnificent Ramadan feast for the other students and staff. The food was traditional Saudi dishes, including chicken and rice, lamb kebab, hommus, three types of soup, and special Saudi coffee. We were also given some premium-quality Saudi dates, which were much fresher and tastier than any dates I had tasted before. A particular highlight of the meal was the sweet dessert, which was a type of moist pastry surrounding a rich, nutty centre. I believe it was called “baklawa”.
Before the feast, a special guest, an Imam who teaches at AUT, gave a very warm and interesting talk about the reasons why Moslems around the world practise Ramadan. His speech enlightened us to the fact that while Ramadan may appear to be a time of self- sacrifice, it is seen in the Moslem world as a time of great festivity and celebration of faith.
Over 100 people attended, and everybody enjoyed the meal very much. We would like to thank Bandar and the other students for such a pleasant and well organised event.
by Tom Lusk

Photos: Students and staff enjoying the Ramadan Feast in the Languages International Student Café (Auckland)