Written by: Natalia, a student at Languages International

How can we use the LC? What’s the LC?

LC is The Learning Center at Languages International, and we can do many interesting and useful things to improve our English. There are a lot of information like grammar books, audio, games, magazines, newspapers, specific books, movies, and groups to practice speaking and writing.

For me, the top ones are grammar books (Murphy), books that I can borrow, and the games. When I’m so tired and sleepy I prefer to play a game on the computer, but it’s not a simple game, it’s a vocabulary game, and I have to practice a lot because I always lose =(

I love reading, but I like to read funny and superficial things (at least in English =P). I read a Shopaholic and New Moon. When I started, all the time I looked in the dictionary for new words, but it’s better if you only read and understand the whole idea.

And the best is the grammar books, you can check your knowledge and learn more, do many exercises and if you have any questions you can ask the teacher.

I hope you enjoy the LC like me.

Good luck!!!