If you have read the blog entry “how to buy a car” you might end up buying not the latest car, but a charming, 20 year-old “vehicle”. That’s what we have done.

One lovely Sunday morning, we wanted to explore the eastern coast up in the north. We all were very excited and ready for the road-trip. After a coffee stop, the unexpected happened: our Toyota Corolla “Vicky” suddenly started to lose power very quickly and smelled bad. Luckily, we were able to make it to a bus stop instead of being an obstacle in the middle of the road. After realizing that there was no way we could repair the car ourselves we called the New Zealand Automobile Association (AA) to rescue us.

It took them three hours to arrive, so we found ourselves inventing new games to cheer ourselves up. First we started with rather boring vocabulary practice (who the hell was that person with the vocabulary book? 😉 ) but already 30 minutes later we created a fun movie quiz, which kept us entertained and helped us to improve our English in the same time. The rules for the game are very simple: One person has to describe a movie without telling the main plot, as well as trying to avoid mentioning names of characters, actors and directors. The others should try to guess the title. If the others have problems finding it out, you could sing or hum the soundtrack as well.

Have fun!

Article by Katja, Enny and Simon, students at Languages International
Photo by dandownunder