Written by: Dawn, a student at Languages International

Mmm…it’s a good question with starting: Why did I choose to come to Auckland? As a matter of fact, what i chose at first was Christchurch, but my decision changed when I saw the size of Christchurch CBD in the map, it’s a little bit tiny for me. Until now, I never regret I changed my destination to Auckland. On the contrary, I do feel cheerful and lucky to be here.

I’ve been here for 4 months. Auckland city, FOR ME, is just like a woman, she is sensitive and kind of emotional (you will realize what i mean when you see the fantastic sunshine at this moment and meet a shower later in 5 minutes.), but she is full of energy and has the mystery waiting for you to discover.

What I like about Auckland the most is, you can easily find the way to relax. Can you imagine after 8 hours busy, tired working or studying and just wanted to escape from the noise, what you need to do is move some steps to a pub or Mission Bay to feel the city of sailing, how wonderful it’s…

To experience REAL New Zealand, please start with the most famous food: Fish n chips… c’mon!!! It’s the basic, just do it!! Later you will have different experiences of multiple food culture mixture.
Welcome to “”the land of the long white cloud””!!!