The weekends start on Friday evenings after our afternoon class. First we go with many friends to a restaurant for dinner. There are a lot of good restaurants on Queen Street. You can eat Korean, Japanese, Arabic, German, Australian and a lot more. After that we go to a pub to drink something and talk together for about an hour. Then we change the pub to a nightclub for dancing. At four or five in the morning we go home.

On Saturday morning we wake up at about ten o’clock and have breakfast together. After that we have a shower and later we go to the beach or sometimes on a boat trip. Sometimes we have a BBQ on the beach with friends and family and then play soccer or volleyball on the beach. In the late afternoon we like to go to the Skytower to watch the sun set. If it has been a busy day we go home to sleep.

On Sundays we like to meet in the city to go shopping for clothes and shoes. If we get hungry we go to McDonalds for lunch. Finally, on Sunday nights we like to go to the cinema. Everybody enjoys weekends in NZ! They are great!

by Han Dong Na, Seraina Zachleder, Fares Saeed Alzahrani and Yi Chun Chang.who are all students at Languages International