Two of our Swiss students who are finishing school today surprised their classmates with a special goodbye gift. I’ll let them explain in their own words…

We had the idea of baking something special for our classmates because of our last day at Languages International school. We had a really good time in New Zealand and made a lot of friendships with people from different countries. We tried their food but they never had the chance to try Swiss food. That was the reason why we came up with the idea of baking muffins decorated with Swiss flags 🙂

Thanks to Claudia’s homestay family, who let us bake in their kitchen, we could we were able to carry out our idea/plan. It was such a funny evening and it made our friendship stronger. This evening will be forever in our memories.

NZ is amazing, but especially the people we met here make it unforgettable. In this way we want to say THANK YOU you all guys, we will never forget you!

Claudia & Manuela

Thank you, Claudia and Manuela! It was such a lovely thing to do, and the muffins were delicious. We’ll miss you in class next week. Enjoy your travels around New Zealand!


Manuela and Claudia with their delicious Swiss-flag muffins.