Thai | English

I’m a student from Thailand. I decided to come to New Zealand because I want to improve my English and to learn about general business. So, I chose Languages International school. I started in intermediate level. At first I was surprised when I came to study on the first day. There were lots of foreign students and everyone spoke English quite well. Then I thought that it would be too difficult for me to understand completely, but finally, I can!!! I spent time in General English for a semester and then I changed my class to English for Business. This class is a really good class to learn about business so it was useful for me. Also, my teachers were Simon, Martina, Karen, Toni, Fiona, Christine, and May. They’re my best teachers and they helped me a lot to improve my English. I would like to say thank you so much to all of my teachers and Languages International school. In the end, I finished this school in Advanced class.

Fang (Jiratip Thanakiatpinyo)

Classmates and teacher in Auckland, New Zealand
A photo within a photo of studying English in New Zealand
Mountain walk in New Zealand