Elena Chernova, a former student of Languages International, has recently visited the school to share with us her “post-LIL” experience. Elena is now doing her Graduate Diploma in Computer Science at AUT (Auckland University of Technology) and says the study skills learned during her English for University course here have helped her a lot with fitting in to the AUT student community. She does not find academic and technical vocabulary difficult either and is coping well with the group projects (very much like here at LIL, Elena continues to show very good academic results at the university – her grades for semester 1 are all B’s which is fantastic!) Elena is very excited about having her graduation later this year as this will give her an opportunity to get straight into the workforce in the IT industry. In the meantime, Elena has been working at a local supermarket to help pay for living costs and earn some extra money, and she has now saved enough to buy herself a well deserved present – a shiny new bike (to match her sparkling blue eyes!) The other great news is that Elena has already found a volunteer position in Information Security (which was her major subject back in Russia). The IT company she works for in Auckland is quite happy to wait until Elena gets her diploma in July so they can employ her full-time. Best of luck with pursuing your career Elena and we look forward to receiving more exciting news about you!