My name is Zona and I come from Taiwan. This is my fourth time to come to New Zealand but it is still fresh to me.

Thanks to Languages International I had a good time with my host family. The Thompson family were very thoughtful and warm hearted. During dinnertime, we always chatted and sometimes we played game afterwards. Their house is close to Mission Bay so my housemate and I often went to the beach when the weather was good. Although I have moved to a flat, I still keep in touch with Margaret and Ron.

At Languages International the classes I attained were: TESOL, EU2 (English for University) and CAE Cambridge course. Each course helped me to build up my abilities for my present studies at University. I especially appreciate all my teachers who are so supportive, I can always ask for help even when I am not their student. In addition, what I learnt in EU2 actually facilitates my work in my masters course, such as writing summaries, giving presentations and taking notes. Also, the training in CAE helped me with the english skills I needed.

The Learning Centre was one of my favourite places at Languages International. I enjoyed reading newspapers, watching movies and practicing listening using the computers. I sometimes borrowed novels from the library. When I had problems in writing my essays or articles, the teachers in the learning centre gave me a helping hand.

Now I have lots of friends from all over the world because my classmates were from different countries. During lunchtime there were always some new faces and it was good to meet new students. My friends and I sometimes joined the social programme together, playing soccer or windsurfing. If I stayed in Taiwan, I don’t think I would ever have the chance to do such sports and meet so many good friends. Overall, I am happy to be here and I enjoy my life in Auckland. I hope that my future life will be as colourful as the life I have here.