Dear friends,

New Zealand is an amazing place to study English, as you know if you are here already. If you haven’t arrived yet, you’re going to have a great time!

Languages International provides excellent facilities for schooling. Due to the highly-qualified teachers, I feel I’ve made good progress in English. I was lucky enough to be placed by the school with the best host family. Also, I like that the school is located in historical buildings, in a park, in the middle of the biggest city in New Zealand.

Importantly, you should keep in mind that it’s possible to extend your visa during your stay in New Zealand. Before coming here, I decided to apply for a Student Visa instead of coming here on a Visitor Visa. So that was a chance for me to extend my visa while in NZ and I was able to do that without much trouble.

You need to prepare just a few things (a completed application form, two photos, a return airline ticket or deposit in a bank account, medical x-ray, valid insurance, prepaid English course and proof of financial independence -a bank statement for the last three months which I got by online banking) and Languages International will do everything else for you. Compared with the procedure which I went through in Moscow, this one is simple. On top of that, the staff at the New Zealand Embassy were very kind. The embassy would usually take around two weeks to consider an application but in my case it only took a day. And the surprising thing was that I got one extra month for traveling.

Best wishes and good luck on your pathway to being fluent in English.

If you have any questions about anything don’t hesitate to ask me on Facebook.

Victoria Georgievna, Russia
March 2014
at Languages International Auckland