It wasn’t until X-mas 2003 that the idea of leaving Germany for a while crossed my mind. I remember well sitting in a cosy pub with some former colleagues from college sharing some beers and discussing future plans and dreams.

Somehow one mentioned he´d been several times abroad for the purpose of learning business English. I was suddenly interested and started shooting questions at him for more information and details … Well, half a year later I found myself thousand miles away from home sitting in a classroom in a Language school, namely Languages International.

I booked the trip already well in advance in Germany to make sure I got a place and made only a rough plan what to do after the time at school. I was prepared to spend a whole year in New Zealand.

Finally I enrolled in a 4-week business English course to get started and to get an idea of the school, the country and its people and to get more familiar with the language. After a further 5-week break what I used to knock about the South Island I took part on a preparation course for the Dec 2004 FCE exam. Everything went more than well.

The place I called home for the time studying was at a friendly host family in Mt Eden which is a lovely part of Auckland.

So, looking back I can say for sure that this adventure was worth doing it every second and dime! Not only I successfully laid the foundations for my personal future, business-wise but also had one of the best time in my life.

Studying English at LI enabled me to get to know wonderful students from all around the globe and to get taught by highly motivated and experienced teachers. I still have contact to some of them.

I can definitely recommend everyone coming to New Zealand and studying at this school. It is combining living for a certain time in a stunning country and learning real English. All people there are certainly capable to get the best out of you and have a warm way to motivate everyone. There is always someone round to help, who has an ear for your wishes or problems. You feel really cared of.

I think the question is not if I come back one day – it´s rather when will I come back for another term.

Uh, yeah, and I still remember very well Sally´s way of telling me that I was wrong occasionally. …. British humour at its best! …”Tooooom, I have to shoot you!” ☺ ThAnX ,Sally! Please, just stay as you are! – Next time I´ll have a bulletproof vest with me…kidding!

Country & People
New Zealand really makes for a brilliant activity-holiday for there are countless possibilities to choose from. It is almost too difficult to decide what attractions to do or see or what to leave out. And it is certainly not easier to make the decision which 3 main island of NZ should be visited and explored the most. North Island as well as South Island and Stewart Island are a once of a lifetime experience. One cannot compare each other as they are too different. I didn´t want to believe it until I saw it with my very own eyes! New Zealand is for pure nature enthusiasts, thrill-seekers, outdoor freaks, fans of all kinds of watersports, those who are longing for silence, mountaineers, sky-divers, scuba-divers, wildlife-lovers and what more… Whether you want to explore NZ by bus, by bike, on horseback, as a hitch hiker or whatever comes to your mind – you´ll enjoy it! The scenery will simply blow you away. There is little wonder that Peter Jackson made LORD OF THE RINGS in NZ.

Visitors can expect a warm welcome regardless where they come from, what language they speak, colour they are or whatsoever. On several occasions I’ve made the wonderful experience that Kiwis are outgoing open-minded people. New Zealanders seem to have an in-built warmth and are very helpful towards people from abroad. I never had any problems to find someone when I needed advice, useful information or just a lift to another place. I deeply hope that remains forever.

Written by Torsten Müller, an alumnus of Languages International