My name is John. I am Chinese. I lived in a homestay last year. The house is in Mission Bay. Two people lived in my homestay. I lived in the homesaty with an old man. The old man was my homestay father. I think he is very kind. He is a New Zealander and he has a piano shop in Newmarket. I lived in his house for about one month. He taught me English and taught me to cook. He cooked delicious food for my dinner everyday. when I lived in his home, he taught me to speak English. So, I was relaxed when I lived in his home. He is a good chef, because he cooks very well. He has some Japanese friends and he learns Japanese every day. His friends came to his home on Wednesdays. They played guitar while I sat on the sofa and listened to them. I enjoyed listening to them play guitar. I stayed in his home for one month and I enjoyed living in his some. It was my best homestay.

Written by John, a Chinese student at Languages International.