Last week some of Brazil’s most popular bloggers visited Languages International’s Auckland school. Their blog’s name is Jovem Nerd, which means “Young Nerd” in English. They are in New Zealand for two weeks doing a “Nerd Tour.”

While they were at Languages International Auckland, Jovem Nerd filmed the school and interviewed our Brazilian students for their Nerd Tour video series. The videos are likely to be online in late June.

The Jovem Nerd family love The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies, which were filmed in New Zealand by famous New Zealand director, Peter Jackson. On this trip, they have visited lots of special places related to these movies such as Hobbitonthe Weta Cave, and the Jewellers that made the ring.  (You know…“One ring to rule them all!” That ring.)

Education New Zealand, Maori Tourism, Conversa and several New Zealand schools have worked together to give Jovem Nerd an unforgettable adventure here in “Middle-Earth”.

You can follow Jovem Nerd in real time on Twitter and Instagram as they enjoy their New Zealand experience.

Twitter:  Follow the Jovem Nerd family.  Follow the #NerdTourNZ hashtag.

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Hannah Robinson

Hannah Robinson is Languages International’s Digital Marketing Manager/Latin American Market Manager. You can read more articles (in English) by Hannah here.  She also writes about New Zealand in Portuguese and Spanish.

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