A huge congratulations to our teacher Jeremy, who graduated from the University of Auckland with a PhD in Philosophy last week!

On graduation day all the graduands walk together from the university down to the town hall, where they receive their degree certificates at the graduation ceremony. The cars are stopped so that the graduands can walk down the middle of the road. The graduands wear a traditional graduation gown like the one you can see Jeremy wearing in the photos. The different colours on the gowns show what kind of degree the person has earned. After they receive their certificate the graduates can put on their graduation cap.

In Auckland on graduation day  you can hear bagpipes and Pacific Island drumming. The streets along the route the graduands walk are full of their family and friends, who take lots of photos. The graduation procession goes past Languages International. Lots of Languages International staff and students went out to see Jeremy walk in the procession. We are very proud of him. Congratulations, Dr. Jeremy!