Yamile Almeida from Colombia has just finished a 24-week English course at Languages International. She made excellent progress in that short time: starting in our Elementary class (level 2 of 8 levels), she advanced all the way to Upper Intermediate class (level 6 of 8). Because Yamile is such a successful learner, we asked her to share some of her language learning secrets.

Are you doing all the things Yamile does to learn English quickly? Do you have any more language learning tips you can share? We would love to hear what works for you in the comments below.

Here is the interview with Yamile.

You made very fast progress with your English. How did you do this?

The most important thing for learning is always your motivation. For me, learning English at Languages International was the achievement of one of my life projects. I was putting all my effort into learning English every day.

Can you give other language learners any tips on how to make quick progress?

Some tips, for my classmates and any new students who share my interest in learning English or any other language, could be:

1) Learn something new every day (different words, expressions, sentences)

2) You need to read every night. (The Learning Centre has good books.)

3) Don’t be afraid of making mistakes because if you knew all about English you probably would not be here.

4) Speak English all the time. Give yourself the opportunity to meet people from other countries and force yourself to speak English. (Avoid people from your country or only speak with them in English.)

5) Go out and meet native speakers, they can help your skills (listening and speaking.)

What was some of the best advice you received from your teachers at Languages International about language learning?

I think I had wonderful teachers who helped me identify my skills and weaknesses. They gave me exercises and recommendations such as books, web pages, places to visit and they corrected my mistakes adequately. This is a good moment to say, “Thanks Toni and Sally for all your effort in my learning.”

In addition to all the help from teachers and resources you got at Languages International, what did you do in class and outside of class to be such a successful learner?

I reckon I was speaking English inside and outside school all the time. The brain is one of God’s best gifts. We just have to force it to achieve better results. In the last months, I complemented my learning with a job that required communication all the time. I started to look for job after four months, but I wanted a good job and finally I could find a job as a waitress.

Was being in New Zealand helpful for your English learning?

Definitely!! For me was the best advantage because Kiwi people (=people from New Zealand) are friendly and New Zealand gave me the opportunity to meet new friends around the world. I have friends from Japan, China, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, and Kiwis.

Thanks so much to Languages International for helping me in my learning and especially my “Scotl-Kiwi” teachers Sally and Toni.

Are you doing all the things Yamile does to learn English quickly? Do you have any more language learning tips you can share? We would love to hear what works for you in the comments.  Also, have a look at our tips for learning English effectively

Here are some of Yamile’s photos from Auckland, New Zealand.

Piha beach, Auckland, New Zealand Yamile and friends at an Auckland café Yamile and friends at an Auckland park Yamile and friends at another Auckland restaurant Yamile and friends at an Auckland restaurant