Most people think that being famous is heaven, but in fact it’s more like hell. What do you think?

For many people, being famous seems to be heaven for several reasons. I think the biggest attraction is the money, as famous people naturally seem to have lots of it. As a result, you have all the things that come with the money, for instance a big mansion, a fancy car, expensive dresses or jewelry. Then there are all the exclusive parties where you meet all these apparently interesting people, and, last but not least, everybody knows you, seems to be interested in you and wants to be friends with you.

I don’t quite agree with that, I personally think the shady sides to being famous, which I will discuss in the next paragraph, outnumber the good things.

Now I will discuss some reasons why being famous is more like hell than heaven. Firstly, the fact that everybody knows you could soon get on your nerves, since everybody knows everything about you, every time you go out on the streets you are followed by paparazzi or fans and you have no private life at all. Moreover, you might have a stalker and need bodyguards all the time. In addition to that, I think it is hard to cope with the people in show business, as most of them are ruthless and fake and you can’t trust anyone. If you want to see the effect of that, just have a look at Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse.

As I was saying earlier, in my opinion being famous is more like hell than heaven. It is way more important to me to have a private life than having a 100m yacht or a ridiculously big house with 10 bathrooms and a waterfall in the living room. I prefer walking through the streets without anybody noticing me, not being constantly surrounded by a bunch of people. In conclusion I can say that I don’t think you need loads of money or fame to have fun and live a good life.

by Elisa Alber, an Advanced student at Languages International