“Most people think that being famous is heaven, but in fact it’s more like hell”

No doubt everyone is trying to catch up to their idols and, so to speak, is trying to be famous. Normally you work hard to achieve your goals and do all the social offerings to prove yourself and live out your personality but all in all you just want to be recognized and, quite honestly, to be a little bit famous. People imagine themselves sitting on a lovely private beach with a hot guy next to them bathing in the sun and caring about anything. To tell the truth they think that’s the life of a celebrity.
Maybe that’s heaven. Actually even I would enjoy myself on a yacht and doing nothing or spending my holidays in one of the most expensive hotels in town wearing glittering and sparkling brand clothes. But is being famous really like that? Surely you can imagine yourself eating a cookie and everybody else in the world would see how the crumbs are sticking to your lips in a high definition photograph of a gossip magazine? Do you think you just have to do one little thing to get into the Olympus of the beauties and riches and you’ll stay there forever? In my opinion staying in heaven is hard work.

And there hell begins. Obviously being on an A-list isn’t that much fun as most people think. Imagine every step you take or even just consider doing, is watched, discussed and even judged. You won’t be able to go anywhere without people screaming at you and losing consciousness. Of course every failing will be shown in every dumb TV show around the world and still, after a certain time you’ll just be another nobody in a huge crowd of once-were-famous people, which is even worse I guess. I think the sacrifice for a glamorous lifestyle is too big to be made. If you’re not borne up there in “heaven” you have to work hard and it’s difficult to cope with the daily expectations and tasks. Naturally it is not you who decides who is famous: you’ll be depending on the media.

Presumably you still think it’s heaven, mind you it is the fittest who will survive and very quickly you can fall the long way down to hell. And believe me, it’s hard to get out of there.

by Aline Giger, an Advanced student at Languages International