As part of our commitment to improving the learning environment at Languages International, Sally Logan (our Learning Centre Manager and part of the Teacher Training team) recently attended the ‘Autonomy and Language Learning: Maintaining Control’ Conference.

Held in Hong Kong and Hangzhou, China, the event focused on:

* Autonomy in the curriculum
* The experience of autonomy
* Teacher autonomy * Self access & advising
* IT & autonomy

Sally was selected to present research material on a series of lessons used here at Languages International to encourage independent learning. She also attended other presentations by leaders in research and development of Learning Autonomy.

“The conference was invaluable. Meeting with other academics from around the world allowed us to share ideas and see where other learning institutions were taking autonomous learning. We now have to sit down and decide which ideas are best suited to our students at Languages International. I am confident that we are offering an excellent service to our learners but we can always make it better – and that is what the conference was all about.”

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