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Hi, my name is Adriano, I’m from Brazil and in 2017 I was looking to improve my English and then I thought: Why not study in another country?

Since I decided to improve my English I searched for different countries to study, but New Zealand was special, so I packed my bags and arrived in Auckland in January 2018. New Zealand has beautiful landscapes like mountains, beaches and the temperature is very similar to Brazil in the summer.

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Before I went to New Zealand I visited Sydney, Australia for one week of holidays and enjoyed it. Arriving in New Zealand, I had a week off before I started my class at Languagues International and traveled to some cities near Auckland. I visited beautiful cities like Wellington, Coromandel and Rotorua, where I got to know the Maori culture.

Adriano at Rotorua, New Zealand
Rotorua, New Zealand

There were 9 weeks studying at Languages International and 10 weeks meeting people from different countries like Korea, China, Japan, Russia, Thailand and Switzerland. LI has a great structure, the teachers are very good and fun. The location is excellent, it is situated inside Albert Park and I could walk to where I was staying at the YMCA Hostel.

Languages International English school Auckland, New Zealand
Adriano with his teachers and classmates at Languages International

Before returning to Brazil I had the opportunity to visit Asia and visited two countries, Malaysia and Singapore.

I want to continue studying English and one day I will return to New Zealand to visit the South Island, because I did not have the opportunity to go there when I was studying.

If you have not decided where to study English, I recommend you go to New Zealand and study at Languages International.

Adriano relaxing in Albert Park, Auckland, New Zealand
Adriano relaxing at lunchtime in Albert Park (Languages International’s back yard)

Languages International, Auckland, New Zealand
Languages International’s front yard

Waterfront, Auckland, New Zealand Auckland’s waterfront, Auckland city centre

Adriano at Cathedral Cove, New Zealand
Adriano at Cathedral Cove, New Zealand