New Zealand is a multi cultural country with Maori, British, NZ born European, Indian and some Asians while there is just one culture in Korea. It’s completely different from Korea. Many cultures exist together beside each other in one country, and we can experience a variety of interesting cultures.

According to researchers like linguists, archeologists, anthropologists and so on, Maori are Polynesians who trace back their origins to South East Asia (Taiwan). They share with Maohis, Hawaiians and Pascuans the same ancient mythology, the same art of navigation and almost the same language which derives from the Austronesan one.

In spite of the fact that the first Europeans to arrive in New Zealand were Dutch lead by Abel Tasman, the two islands became a British colony before its independence.

Text by Sam & Gloria, students at Languages International
Photo of Maori waka by steveleggat