Spectacular performance by Mateata and Vaianui

On Friday 4 March the school community held a fundraising event to raise money for the tsunami disaster appeal. After class our school staff and students got together in the cafeteria, 23 Princes Street. The fundraiser included a goodies sale, raffle tickets, dancing and an egg throwing competition. Everyone brought something to sell to help raise money for the appeal. One of our students, Yoko Kawaguchi, helped the fundraiser by selling her drawings and sketches to other students. Teachers organised a bake sale of homemade cakes, cookies and sweets that was very popular with everyone. The raffle went really well too, with great prizes such as bungy jumping off the Sky Tower, a sailing cruise, ice-skating, horse-riding – all provided by local and national companies. We also had a Tahitian dance lesson run by our students Mateata Ruta and Vaianui Terai, which was a great hit! Even the boys eventually joined the dancing crowd! All of the staff and students had fun and it was a great way to support an important international project. Languages International raised $416.60 and still have stuff to raffle off!