Gaiane, a student from Belgium, is taking part in the CAE preparation course for the exam at the end of March. It’s her aim to improve her English skills and reach a higher degree. A good structured and organised programme, the multimedia Learning Centre, as well as meeting people from all over the world, makes her stay pleasant here at Languages International in Auckland. During her leisure time she likes to travel around and discover more of this gorgeous country, as well as enjoying the moving city vibe and going out. “Although I’m surprised about these many similarities to Europe”, Gaiane states, “I really like the mixture between Kiwis, Maoris and Foreigners down here.”


Studying under palm trees and lying on the beach is everyone’s dream.

Soomin from Korea is doing it right now. First she was told that the North Island is less exciting than the South Island. After 3 weeks she’s still astonished at the amazing activities that can be done here.

“The school is the best in town”. Good friends, small classes, the useful learning centre and social programmes helps Soomin to prepare for her CAE.


Sara has been in “Kiwi-Country“ and at Language International before.

It was not only this unforgettable way of learning English but also the extraordinary scenery and natural beauty of the countryside as well as the warm, friendly and absolutely helpful Kiwis all around that drew her back here. “It feels like home!“ says Sara with a big smile and blinking eyes.


3 weeks already? wow…..

“Hey Jasmin do you remember how cold it was when you left Switzerland?“ Okay, she doesn’t really think about her home country because she’s just having a fantastic time here.

“Last weekend was amazing”, she exclaims. She and her girls went to the Bay of Islands. Away from the school stress, just right into an amazing and unforgettable trip.

So far so good, but is it all about party and having fun? Well, she wishes it could be like that. Anyway, school is cool too, and she would rather learn here than in cold Switzerland.

Written by Dérene’s CAE class.