Our Workplace Team have had another very busy year. We have run projects with ADHB at Auckland Hospital and The Selwyn Foundation across their North Island sites as well as a number of smaller projects in a range of businesses. We were involved in a project producing some embedded literacy resources for the healthcare sector for NCLANA (the National Centre of Literacy and Numeracy for Adults – now Ako Aotearoa). The resources are focused on two key areas:

  • Firstly building effective care relationships at work
  • Participating in meetings

Both of these areas focus on improving workplace performance by supporting learners’ skills development in speaking and listening. They are suitable for use by workplace tutors working with learners (staff) who lack confidence in their speaking and listening skills and need encouragement to have more meaningful interactions at work with their colleagues and clients. There are resources that tutors can use with learners in a training situation and detailed teaching and learning sequences, which are like a lesson plan with ideas and procedures. The resources feature video footage.

Here is the link to view the resources on the NCLANA website.

There are lots of other useful resources on the AKO Aotearoa site including embedded resources for agriculture, engineering and core skills. Also recently added are some induction resources for tutors who are new to the field. It’s really important work– helping to raise awareness and skills amongst people in industry who have the power to really make a difference with the skills of the people in their workplaces.