The original region of traditional food, Jeonju attracts a number of visitors who want to taste Bibimbob or a variety of side dishes. With over 30 ingredients, this food includes bean sprouts, glutinous rice and hot spices and provides an abundance of nutritional value. So by everyone from citizens to tourists this unique cuisine is loved. Another reason is that it is famous for its plentiful quantities. Paying only $25 for Bibimbob fills the table to the edges. Jeonju, called the country of tastes, produces fresh vegetables and fermented food like soy sauce, paste and Kimchi.

As well as being respected for its food culture, Jeonju features a wide range of festivals both downtown and just 20 minutes drive from the city. Here the greatest contest in South Korea, including folk dance and music, takes place. And a series of fusion concerts, harmonizing folk music instruments with modern ones, is held in a recently finished building.

by Heeran, a student at Languages International Auckland