Written by: Henning Escher, a student at Languages International

To get precise information about a language course in advance is one thing, but to experience it, is another. The day, when I started my English business course (advanced) at ‘Languages International‘ (LI) I was surprised:

In Berlin, where I booked the course, they recommended LI as a highly professional and strictly organized language school, offering top structured courses with a serious, effective learning atmosphere. They told me about enthusiastic teachers and about a fully packed schedule, if you want do the course full time – and especially, if you want to do an exam successfully.

My beginner experience is: They were right in Berlin – but in a rather different way than I had expected it. First, it is right, that the school is very well organized, that there is a serious and productive learning atmosphere and that there are teachers like Emma, who is enthusiastic. They all want us to learn and to be successful in improving our English and finally in our exam. But they reach it in a softer and more morderate way, than I expected it.

The learning atmosphere is very friendly and open minded at LI. There is no pressure from teachers or from structures, such as rigid attendance times in the learning center. In the course Emma gives us exercises as offers and invitations to improve our language skills ourselves: to read, to listen, to disuss and to argue in groups or with our neighbour. Emma makes us think about our own mistakes. She is around, gives us input and advice and – if required – corrections.

Second, the course is not a closed club. The first day, when I arrived, I wondered, if the course had already begun. I seemed to be the late, ‘new guy’. But fortunately I wasn’t. Actually the course is an open, rotating system: Students start and stay for a longer or a shorter time. Sometimes students have a break and join the course again later.

So there is enough space for you, to find your own rhythm, your own speed and your own best way and strategies of learning in a helpful environment. And that makes learning effective and serious. From my point of view it’s better to experience, than to know. And it’s better to find out than to be taught. That’s my conclusion as a beginner.