Photo by Erwin Schoonderwaldt

How to get to school from Northshore

At first glance, the answer to this question seems rather obvious. Just take one of the many buses crossing Takapuna on the way to downtown Auckland. However, nothing is as it seems in Auckland. Bus companies tend to lock out their bus drivers so that there are suddenly no busses running. So don’t rely too much on the buses here. Another great way to get to town are the ferries from Bayswater or Devonport. You can reach both ferry stations by bus. While the buses to Devonport are run by the same company as the buses to downtown, Bayswater can be reached by Richies, a different bus company. This ensures that even when one of the bus companies is locking out its drivers you still get to the city somehow.
The ferry is not only a great way to travel during a lock out though. It’s always an amazing experience with a beautiful view of downtown Auckland on the way. Despite its slightly higher price, it’s definitely worth trying. So get on the ferry and experience it yourself!
by Phil (SUI), a student at Languages International

How to come to school when the buses are on strike
The quickest and most convenient way to travel within Auckland is by bus. What if they were on strike? One possibility is to jump at the chance to increase your overall fitness by walking or cycling to school. This possibility is especially effective if you live two hours away. A more undemanding way is to be driven by a private driver, preferably your homestay-family who won’t charge you.

These suggestions above were the only alternative for many people until three years ago. At that time, the city council decided to offer a greener means of transport by expanding the railway network and extending the timetable. The only disadvantage is that there are just a few train stations and therefore a lot of people have to walk a long distance until they reach them.
To put it in a nutshell, you are not lost without buses, you just have to organise your journeys and hope for a swift ending of the bus strike!

by Max and Moritz, students at Languages International