Written by: Wonsik, a student at Languages International

This school is located in beautiful Albert park, having four old-fashioned buildings (but don’t worry, there is no possibility of them falling down) and this school has nice facilities that you can use easily, so I’m introducing our school’s facilities for new students.

If you need fresh air or want to photosynthesize under NZ’s strong and fabulous sunshine, all you need to do is just jump into Albert park and lie down on the lawns.

It has a nice studying place which students can access like the Learning Centre and Cafeteria. If you would like to study outside our school, you can use Auckland University library or the public library. It’s just 10 minutes walk from our school, and what’s more important is everything including wireless internet is for free!

Probably, during the class, you may feel more hungry and near the end of the class you may feel starving, then simply go to Auckland university food court, you can choose a wide variety of food there at a ‘relatively’ cheap price. However, if you want to have better food and coffee, it can be not such a satisfactory choice. So do you need caffeine and bread? Then, why don’t you visit ‘Toasted Cafe’? That shop’s barista is so cheerful and talkative and their coffee is the best in Auckland. You can practice your English speaking with a nice kiwi and coffee. It’s just 3 dollars! 3 dollar social programme including coffee! How awesome it is !

Have you tried Korean food before? If you haven’t, I recommend you visit ‘Faro’. It’s also very near from our school. Furthermore, it’s just opened, only 3 month ago ! It’s brand-new! If you like BBQ, it really deserves a visit. You can try Korean gourmet with heaps of side dishes and you can see that Koreans cut meat with scissors! Maybe you will be surprised!

As you read above, our school is comfortably located. It’s quite near from Auckland University, Queen Street, High Street, K-road and Britomart. After school, you don’t have to worry about what to do. Just go out and walk along Queen Street or K-Road and barge into places I said above. I’m 100% sure that you will be completely satisfied with these places.