Michelle Chamberlin
Jan 2017 CELTA. Currently teaching in Buenos Aires, Argentina

1 What do you like best about living in Argentina?
Meeting new people and experiencing a different culture and language. It can be a challenge at times, but the people here are so hospitable and willing to help. Also, getting to explore and travel on my days off!

2 What kind of school are you teaching in?
I’m teaching in a private after-school institution – I have teen group classes, preschoolers and adult conversation classes too.

3 What do you like most about the students you teach?
I’ve loved having the range of ages. My favourites are the adults and the preschoolers. The classes are fun and they are all eager to learn and fun to teach.

4 What’s a recent lesson that you really enjoyed teaching? And why did you enjoy it?
I’ve been helping one of my adults in my one-one conversation classes translate a work document into English. It’s a human resources issue so is full of drama and rumours – very interesting! Besides that, it is giving her great practice at writing and is improving her vocabulary and understanding of the different combinations of tenses that can be used in this context. It’s great seeing her make use of what I’ve taught her.

5 What’s the next challenge for you as a teacher?
Continuing to improve my practice and methods. Now that I’m in the swing of planning and executing classes I’m trying to fine tune what I do to make it as smooth as possible. I’ll also be returning to NZ soon and may be looking to continue teaching there so that will be a change!