Daniel Gibson is working in a town near the city of Mysore in the state of Karnataka, Southern India.

1 What do you like best about living in India?
Being a part of another culture and learning to appreciate the small things in life.

2 What kind of school are you teaching in?
I’m teaching in a public primary/middle school, the ages range from 7-15 year olds.

3 What do you like most about the students you teach?
Their enthusiasm to learn and how they really enjoy a different teaching style.

4 What’s a recent lesson that you really enjoyed teaching? And why did you enjoy it?
I recently taught a science lesson on animal habitats to a class around 35 kids. It was great being able to get them all involved in thinking and talking about which animals live where and why.

5 What’s the next challenge for you as a teacher?
To be able to continue to look for opportunities to bring more value to my teaching style with the use of technology and online resources.

Daniel Gibson is a CELTA graduate from Languages International in Auckland, New Zealand.