MelissaCongratulations to our teacher, Melissa, who has passed the Cambridge Delta, which she studied for here at Languages International.

Delta, which stands for Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults, is widely recognised as the best practical qualification for experienced language teachers. Languages International has an extremely well qualified staff: 20 have a Delta, and not many schools in the world could match that.

I interviewed Melissa to find out why she chose to do the Delta and what she got out of it.

Enter Melissa…

Why did you choose to do the Delta?

Having worked in the industry for quite a number of years, I had gained experience but felt the need to further progress in my career. Delta offers both theoretical and practical opportunities for teachers to develop and it was its hands on approach that motivated me to do it.

What did you get out of doing Delta?

I have certainly learned a great deal with Delta. It helped me understand the “whys” of my profession in more depth and I truly believe it made me become a better teacher in many senses. Having to assess yourself and what you do on a daily basis certainly makes you question yourself and the quality of your teaching. One of the best things I got out of Delta was having the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with my peers and trainers. The Delta trainers at LI were so helpful and encouraging! I could not have asked for better guidance and support.

How do you feel now that you’ve finished Delta?

Relieved! It was a steep learning curve and I struggled at times. But my results and what I believe I am now able to achieve as a teacher have certainly paid it off. I have grown both professionally and as a person during this journey and my confidence as a teacher has also received a boost. It was totally worth it!