Want to make the best out of your language stay? Sign up for a course at Languages International! The cozy school is located in beautiful Albert Park, surrounded by fragrant flowers. When I got my first taste of it, I immediately fell in love.

Languages International offers a huge variety of different English courses in spite of being a tiny school. The classes are pretty encouraging, so you can easily reach your goals and usually the pupils are from mixed backgrounds, which is really inspiring. Although the workload has been quite large, I’ve found a lot of opportunities to improve my English outside of class and to make new friends to hang out with.

To be honest, I’m not ordinarily so keen on getting assistance and so the teachers have had to work actively to get me to make use of the personal support they offer. Nevertheless, I’ve noticed that they were very cheerful and their teaching was really purposeful, so I’ve already enjoyed many valuable hours in the Learning Center, so far.

I highly recommend Languages International to other students and it’s not only about my love for Albert Park 🙂

Marisa Bircher, Switzerland

Marisa's English course + sky diving in New Zealand