Over the last couple of years, we have helped hundreds of medical professionals develop their language skills and prepare for the OET test. We are running workshops and one-to-one tutorials during the day and the OET Intensive course in the evenings.

Passing OET is an important milestone in someone’s career but because the test is based on real, medical communication, it also helps candidates develop their skills for work:

“I was an overseas registered nurse and I tried IELTS several times before to get registration in NZ. So I decided to take OET. To become a NZ registered Nurse I wanted to fulfil the English language proficiency and so passing OET has helped me to attain my dream of getting an RN job. It has also given a lot of confidence when conversing with people especially in my work.” (Reema Mathew)

“It helped me a lot to continue and pursue my nursing career. It has shown me a clearer path for my future.” (Mary Sonza)

“I am a registered nurse from India. I came to NZ in 2015 to persue my career in nursing. As per the requirement I needed to go through the English test. OET is a best option for medical professionals to continue their careers overseas that’s why I select the OET. After passing OET now I can go for my nursing registration in NZ and Australia.” (Shivanjli)

Here is a selection of other feedback we’ve received on the OET preparation at Languages International.

“My experience in attending the classes at Languages International help me a lot in all the subtests. I learned the strategies on how to answer correctly and they also taught us everything that we need to know. It helped to develop my english communication with the patients” (Hannah Aberin)

“After the orientation and review, I then understood the oet process. Also, the immediate feedback helps a lot to get all B in one sitting.” (Jennifer Palacpac)

“I had a wonderful experience,. Derene, as my tutor was very helpful and approchable. I did a few one-on-one writing sessions with her and she did an awsome job in preparing me for my upcoming exam.” (John)

“I took the IELTS exam several times but I could not pass the writing subtest so I took OET instead. It was frustrating and I wasted energy, money and time by taking the IELTS. A friend sent me OET files to study and answer but I knew it in myself that I also needed the foundation of OET. With Language International, they taught us out with the basics first such as grammar and tenses then eventually lecture proper and drills.” (Dawn)

“Very supportive and motivating classes. Helped me to identify the areas need to be strengthened.” (Chris Thomas)

“The tutors are really supportive and hands on in teaching us.” (Mary Sonza)

“Classes were great. Teachers here help candidates to learn about their mistakes and area where they are lacking and then teaches the way to correct it which is of great help to clear exam. As of there help, I got A in writing and B in speaking. Thanks alot for all your help. It was a great learning experience.” (Rupinder Souza)

The new OET Intensive is proving useful support for people who want to focus on all parts of the test.

“Everything was perfect, I was waiting for something like this. This course was perfect for me because of time and whole schedule and also perfect for people new for OET.” (Navreet Kaur)

We are taking bookings for the next OET Intensive Course. There are still a couple of spaces left if any readers are interested.

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