Last Thursday at Languages International we had an International Shared Lunch to honour the different cultures in New Zealand and raise money to help the victims of the attack on two mosques in Christchurch and their families.

Students and staff of more than 20 different nationalities and many different faiths came together to share each other’s cultures, make new friends and enjoy each other’s company. Staff and students prepared delicious food to share and we all enjoyed it together. Nick, our Director of Studies, gave a short speech before the lunch to explain what it was about. (Video below)

Students from many countries serving themselves from a long table full of international food

At the lunch we had a collection box for donations for the victims of the Christchurch tragedy and their families. The money raised was donated to Victim Support’s Christchurch Shooting Victims’ Fund.

To honour the victims and their families we created a Memorial Book in which students and staff wrote messages of love and support for the families, and our wider Muslim community. The following day our student Naif presented the Memorial Book to the Imam at our local mosque here in Auckland.

Naif's photo of the Memorial Book at Languages International
Our student Naif’s photo of the Memorial Book, taken at Languages International

Naif presenting the Memorial Book to the Imam at an Auckland mosque
Our student, Naif presenting the Memorial Book to the Imam at our local mosque

You can see lots more photos from the lunch on Facebook and Instagram.

Nick Moore, our Director of Studies, explaining what the International Shared Lunch is about
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